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A Response to Bill 60
December 2013

Une réponse aux projet de Loi 60  
décembre 2013 

Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and of equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests

Loi n° 60, Charte affirmant les valeurs de laïcité et de neutralité religieuse de l’État ainsi que d’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes et encadrant les demandes d’accommodement

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The Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations Inc. (QFHSA) is a federation of local Home and School Associations driven by one objective: to provide a caring and enriched educational experience for students.  Members of Home and School Associations come from all sectors of society:  working parents, stay-at-home parents, grandparents, educational professionals, and other ordinary citizens with an interest in maintaining a high level of education in this province.  Their children attend schools that can be found in every corner of the province of Quebec and represent the cultural diversity within the minority English-language school system.  Our members pay a modest annual fee to be part of the QFHSA and we currently represent 80+ school communities from all across the province who share our goals and objectives.

The QFHSA, which was founded in 1944, has built a solid reputation helping to recruit and train parent volunteers in schools, working to enhance the education and well being of children across Quebec

As an independent, incorporated, non-legislated and not-for-profit volunteer organization, QFHSA also provides leadership in developing and coordinating programs, activities and services for quality parental involvement in the home, the school and the community.



Special Projects

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Press Release - Bill 14
Quebec Federation of Home & School Association (QFHSA)
defends its brief on Bill14 before the Quebec National Assembly

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The Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations (QFHSA) is an independent, incorporated not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the education and general well-being of children and youth.

The Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations promotes the involvement of parents, students, educators and the community at large in the advancement of learning and acts as a voice for parents.

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