Leslie N. Buzzell Award


Established in 1950, this award recognizes a QFHSA Board or Committee Member for their long standing leadership and dedication, to promoting and furthering the QFHSA mission at the provincial level.  The award winner is chosen by the QFHSA Selection Committee.

In 1950 the Federation inaugurated a special award for outstanding service at the provincial level and for furthering the aims of Home and School in general. It was named after its donor, the former honorary president of the Federation, the late Leslie N. Buzzell.


Leslie N. Buzzell Award Winners over the Years


Winners have been:

2017 Wanda Leah Trineer      
2016 not awarded      
2015 not awarded      
2014 not awarded      
2013 Liette Chamberland      
2012 Carol Meindl      
2011 Barbara Schnider      
2010 Marlyn Brownrigg      
2009 Harold Spanier      
2008 Brian Rock      
2007 Rickhey Margolese      
2006 Phil Daigle & Owen Funnell      
2005 Norma Stirling      
2004 Donna Sauriol      
2003 Edward Sancton      
2002 Patricia Waters      
2001 Donald Smith      
2000 Shirley Straughton      


1999 Rodney J Wiener
and Dr Calvin C Potter
1989 Jon Percy
1998 Deborah Brown 1988 Caspar Esselaar
1997 Margaret Funnell 1987 not awarded
1996 Helen Koeppe 1986 Sandra Keightley
and Rose Kandalgaonkar
1995 Ken & Diane Radu 1985 Joan & Allan Locke
1994 Ann Cumyn 1984 Gisela Amarica
1993 Marion Daigle 1983 Barbara Milne-Smith
1992 Charlene DeConde 1982 Gordon Perry
1991 Carol Ohlin 1981 Dorothy Chant
1990 Anne MacWhirter 1980 Fay Richardson


1979 Joan Mansfield 1969 Mrs. George E Buch
1978 Joan Riches 1968 not awarded
1977 Patricia Lewis 1967 Dr Howard S Billings
1976 not awarded 1966 not awarded
1975 Reverend William Clinton 1965 Mrs. J Alan Scott
1974 Maybelle Durkin  1964 F W Price
1973 Gordon Robertson 1963 Paul Gerin-Lajoie
1972 not awarded 1962 A.R. Hasley
1971 Mildred Clark 1961 Rose Simon
1970 E Michael Berger, QC 1960 William Asherman


1959 Dr Baruch Silverman      
1958 Mrs R D H Heard      
1957 Isobel Shuster         
1956 Dr W P Percival       
1955 Mrs A D Grieve      
1954 Alex G Pryde      
1953 Mrs T B Hughes       
1952 Arthur R Colman      
1951 David V Jackson      
1950 Ernest A Jarand       




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