Pat Lewis Humanitarian Award


In 2006, Patricia Lewis’ daughters, Ruth and Sharon, created the Pat Lewis Humanitarian Award in memory of their mother. It is meant to honour efforts by elementary level student(s) for their outstanding efforts towards a humanitarian cause.



  • No qualifications. Any projects or community involvement exemplifying contributions to an environmental or humanitarian cause are accepted.



  1. Choose a Home and School Executive Member to receive all the nominations in writing.

  2. Set a deadline for your nominations.

  3. All nominations should be considered and winners decided by the Executive of the Home and School. 

  4. More than one individual may be chosen if you wish.

  5. Write a nomination letter detailing how they have contributed to a environmental or humanitarian cause.

  6. Mail in nomination letter + form + cheque in to QFHSA.

 You can email in digital projects separately if needed.



Pat Lewis Humanitarian Award Winners over the Years

In 2014, this award was expanded to include projects submitted by high school students and to also encourage the efforts of students toward an environmental cause.

Winners have been:

2016 Pat Lewis Humanitarian
St. John Fisher Elementary - Community Walk

Pat Lewis Environmental
Chelsea Enyandeni - School Twinning Project, Chelsea Elementary
2015 Pat Lewis Humanitarian
John Kesson, Lindsay Place High School

Pat Lewis Environmental
Dorset Environmental Club - Dorset Elementary
2014 Pat Lewis Humanitarian
Westwood High school, Westwood Seniors International Development Program

Pat Lewis Environmental
Gardenview Elementary School -  Earth Club
2013 Willingdon Elementary School Student Council
2012 Marilyn Carroll
2011 Sherwood Forest Elementary School - Green Thumbs
2010 St. Edmund Elementary School - Working Together to Make a Difference
2009 Beacon Hill Elementary School Community - Working Together to Make a Difference
2008 Evergreen Elementary School - The Spirit of Giving
2007 Margaret Manson Elementary School - Compassion in Action
2006 Thorndale Elementary School - Seven Charitable Causes





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