Lewis Peace Prize


In 1997 Patricia Lewis, herself a past Buzzell and Paterson Award winner, created the Lewis Peace Prize (named in honour of her father-in-law) and meant to recognize an individual or group who contributes to a safe and peaceful school or community.



  • No qualifications. Any projects exemplifying a safe and peaceful school or community are accepted.



  1. Choose a Home and School Executive Member to receive all the nominations in writing.

  2. Set a deadline for your nominations.

  3. All nominations should be considered and winners decided by the Executive of the Home and School. 

  4. More than one individual and/or group may be chosen if you wish.

  5. Write a nomination letter detailing how they have exemplified a safe and peaceful school or community.

  6. Mail in projects + forms + cheque in to QFHSA. 

You can email in digital projects separately if needed.



Lewis Peace Prize Award Winners over the Years

Winners have been:

2016 Cycle 3-2 Class, Flemming Elementary
2015 Nathalie Swanson & OLWEUS, Onslow Elementary
2014 Dorset Elementary School -  Peace Pals Program
2013 Souvenir Safety Patrol
2012 Cheryl Smith
2011 Souvenir Elementary School - John Choi
2010 not awarded
2009 Souvenir Elementary School Peace by Peace. We Succeed.
2008 John Rennie High School Challenge Day Team
2007 Sherwood Forest Project Love Bug
2006 Dorset Peace Pals Program
2005 Souvenir Elementary School
Extraordinary efforts toward a peaceful school
2004 Victoria Pinnell, Lakeside Academy
Visions 2000 Program
2003 Beaconsfield High School
Global Awareness Group

Edgewater Elementary
Patricia MacGeachy with Art Campbell
Grade 2 class
Peace in all its Forms Program

2001 Lynn Thompson & Mini-Mac
Peace Pals Program
2000 Diana Jackson & Dorset Elementary
Peace Pals Program


1998 Heidi Rathjen, Gun Control activist
1997 John Rennie High School
French & English Student Councils




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