Gordon Paterson Award


In 1973, thanks to the initiative and generosity of past president Doreen Richter, a new award was created to recognize an outstanding educator who had given long service to Quebec education and had encouraged the participation of parents.



  • No qualifications. Any individual exemplifying parental involvements in their daily work or class projects are accepted.



  1. Choose a Home and School Executive Member to receive all the nominations in writing.

  2. Set a deadline for your nominations.

  3. All nominations should be considered and winners decided by the Executive of the Home and School. 

  4. More than one individual may be chosen if you wish.

  5. Write a nomination letter detailing how they have exemplified parental involvement.

  6. Mail in nomination letter + form + cheque in to QFHSA. 



Gordon Paterson Award Winners over the Years


It was named after the first president of the Quebec Federation, Gordon Paterson.

Winners have been:


2017 Galina Stepanova       
2016 Daniel Olivenstein, Westwood High School      
2015 Paul Cahill, Ediburgh Elementary       
2014 Craig Hodgson, Music Teacher, John Rennie High School      
2013 Nancy Bulow      
2012 Leo La France      
2011 Marcus Tabachnick      
2010 Diane Martello      
2009 Ann Tellier      
2008 Hans Bulow      
2007 Susan Singer      
2006 Stan Droulis      
2005 Elizabeth Pope      
2004 Kim Gromko      
2003 Susan Winn      
2002 William Holt      
2001 James L. Aitken      
2000 Jim MacKinnon      


1999 Jan Langelier 1989 Patricia Lewis
1998 Louise Chalmers 1988 Patrick Baker
1997 Lois Pineault 1987 Donald Barnes
1996 Kathleen Cumming 1986 Thomas Bean
1995 Nancy Buzzell 1985 Robert E. Lavery
1994 Mehta Bos 1984 Constance Middleton-Hope
1993 Richard Meades 1983 Lucien Rossaert
1992 Ellen Wernecke 1982 Ernest Spiller
1991 Kathy Gorrie 1981 Margaret Sevigny
1990 Bertha Hayes 1980 William Ralph


1979 David Hill    
1978 Lloyd McKeen    
1977 Lorne Hayes    
1976 Ian Trasler    
1975 Winton Roberts    
1974 Professor Frank R. Scott    
1973 Dr L. P. Patterson    




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