From Farm to Fork Competition 2016


What it's about

CHILDREN COME HOME from school asking what is for supper. Often the mother or father prepares the food, combining ingredients and spices for a flavour unique to that family recipe. The children are familiar with the meal, and enjoy eating it, but are they aware of just how complicated providing the food we eat can really be? Do they know where it comes from, how it is grown, how it is harvested?

Do they know the road From Farm to Fork?

If a recipe calls for saffron, for instance, do they know where it comes from and how difficult it is to harvest? Yet how different their favorite food might taste without it!

The Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations invite the students of Home and School Afterschool activities to embark on a journey of discovery. We invite them to choose a favorite family recipe and research where the ingredients come from. We want to know how they are grown and how they are harvested. We also want to hear the story behind the meals or recipe, what is the special occasion or significance of the meal.

"From Farm to Fork" is a wonderful opportunity to combine the elements of English Language Arts with personal history, to develop written and oral skills as the students explore culture and family traditions and gained knowledge of agricultural practices around the world. By researching, asking questions and writing about what they have learned creatively, they have an opportunity to share their culture and traditions with their classmates.

The 1st Prize winners of the competition will be awarded a $100.00 gift certificate and a copy of the 2014 Canadian Farmer’s Almanac and a copy of The World in your Lunchbox by Claire Eamer.

The 2nd Prize winners  of the competition will be awarded a $50.00 gift certificate and a copy of The World in your Lunchbox by Claire Eamer.

All entrants  will receive a “certificate of participation” from the QFHSA.

Winning submissions will be printed in the SUMMER issue of the QFHSA NEWS as a special feature.


As a Home & School project

Students could choose from a variety of areas to concentrate on:

  • One student might research a traditional recipe or food and explain its history and significance to their family or to their culture.

  • Another student may wish to look at a favorite meal and see where and how the ingredients are grown and harvested.

  • Another may look at the ingredient as bought in a local grocery store and examine where the products come from and if there is a locally grown alternative.

They could consult parents, relatives, the internet or visit their school or local library for their information.  The students bring in samples of their recipes for a special potluck luncheon event, giving all the students a chance to experience and taste the variety of foods.

For more information on this essay project, see the General Information page.

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Carol Meindl
Executive Director, QFHSA
3285 Cavendish Blvd
Suite 560
Montreal, QC H4B 2L9
or call at  514 481 5619



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