FROM FARM TO FORK: Great-Great Gramma’s Ice Cream

2nd Prize winner - Madison Morency

Have you ever wondered where the food you eat comes from? Well I certainly have.  Before doing this project, I knew only that fruit grows in trees and on vines, and vegetables are grown mostly underground. Through the study of a favourite family recipe, I now know how homemade ice cream is made.

Originally made by my Great-Great Gramma Alice Mansbridge was first made in the mid 1800s’ with her brothers and sisters in Harrington Harbour. When she had my Great Grandmother Ivy, she then taught her how to make it.
2nd Prize winner - Madison Morency

In fact, this recipe has been passed down through five generations. The recipe was passed down from Alice, Ivy, Garry, and Gheila, to me.  I love to make this recipe. It’s fun, easy and absolutely DELICIOUS! Our recipe was made not only to bring the family together, but it was also made to cheer up one of the children when they were sad, or even just to have fun on a nice, warm winter day.

Salt is one of the most important and special ingredients needed in the process of making this recipe. Salt is important because it does NOT go IN the recipe. Salt is put into the snow to help freeze the ice cream mixture. Salt makes the mixture freeze quicker, and just makes the whole stirring process a lot easier.

Salt is a mineral, chemically known as “Sodium Chloride” which means: 40% sodium, and 60% chloride. Salt is mostly found underground in a rock/mineral state. But, salt can also be absorbed from some of the world’s oceans and even some lakes. Salt is produced all over the world. Here are some examples of the places that it’s produced: Canada, United States, China and Germany.

Salt is a substance that is fairly easy to produce. Salt production only takes a few hours to produce a few pounds of salt. Salt is: mined, crushed, fined and then packaged.

Through this whole experience, I learned how ice cream is made, and how essential it is to have salt at6 hand when making it. So, the next time you go to eat something, take some time to think about how this food is made, you might just want to learn more!









Great-Great Gramma Alice's Homemade Ice Cream


Ingredients: Materials:
2 Cans of Carnation milk Beef bucket
1 Can of water large plastic pan
Vanilla flavoring large metal spoon
1 Cup of sugar Snow & Salt mixture






  1. SALT AND SNOW MIXTURE: Mix salt and snow in the large pan and set aside in a pile of snow (snow bank)

  2. Mix the milk, water, vanilla and sugar in the beef bucket and set aside in a pile of snow (snow bank) for pre-freezing.

  3. After 10 minutes, mix salt and snow in the pan.

  4. After mixed, take the beef bucket out of the snow and place it into the salt and snow mixture.

  5. Once the bucket is in the salt and snow, take a hand to each side of the bucket rim and twist it in a "swish like" motion until there is a whole the size of the bucket in the snow.

  6. Keep mixing until hard and cold enough to your liking HINT: If your arms get tired of mixing, try stirring with your spoon for a while.

  7. After your mixture is hard enough to your liking, take the bucket, a few bowls, some spoons, family and or friends and you have ice cream ENJOY!




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