FROM FARM TO FORK: From Cane to Candies
Honorable Mention - Brett Maroux

Do you sometimes wonder where your food comes from or how it gets to your table, because I do.  Although I already know where some foods like chocolate come from,  I would like to learn about other foods, such as sugar. I have a delicious recipe for icing sugar candies, which uses a lot of sugar!

My recipe is an old recipe that my great grandmother made a long time ago. Now my grandmothers, my mother, and my aunts make the icing sugar candies, and I am learning too. When my grandmother and great grandmother made them, they only used white vanilla flavoring. Now, we use all kinds of flavors and colors. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite flavor is coconut.
Honorable Mention - Brett Maroux

The icing sugar candies have been in our family for a long time. They are a special treat that we only eat on Easter and Christmas, that everyone loves and enjoys. Also, we have lots of fun making them and all the family can join in on the fun. Sometimes many are eaten while being prepared! 

I chose to research sugar because I was not sure how it was made. Sugar comes from sugar canes that are found in warm places around the world like Brazil and India. In fact, Brazil happens to be the world’s largest producing, and harvesting country of sugar.

The sugar that comes directly from the sugar canes is not the sugar we eat or use in our cooking. Before we can eat the sugar, sweeteners and dyes are added so that it will be even sweeter and tastier. After, we can enjoy it in delicious treats like icing sugar candies.

Sugar is an ingredient that is used a lot in cooking and baking. It starts out as sugar canes which are then picked, processed, and packaged to be shipped around the world. Now I  better understand how sugar gets from cane to candies!









Granny’s Icing Sugar Candies
  • 3 lbs icing sugar

  • 1 can condensed milk

  • ½ lb butter

  • 2 tsp vanilla

  • Mix together & shape into balls

  • Melt 2 pks. of semi sweetened chocolate chips 

  • Add ¼ cup of wax

  • Dip candies into chocolate

[Keeps best in freezer]



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