QFHSA members are made up of local associations (i.e. Home & Schools at the local level – their executives and their members) and individual members.

A local H&S association needs to send in the following documents (listed below) at the beginning of every school year to renew their membership:
  • As soon as AGM & Elections take place, QFHSA needs you to fill out the names and contact information of your new executive on the Executive List and send it to the office so that we may update our contact list for your school.

  • The executive then needs to read and sign the Local Association Membership Renewal Form.  They can then mail it or email a scan of it to the QFHSA office.

  • At this time of year, September, QFHSA also needs to receive your $50 administration fee and send it in accompanied by the Administration Fee Invoice.

Once the school year begins, you need to  begin your membership campaign.  If you don’t already have a membership form that you send out to your parents, you can use Family Membership Application Form as an example to create your own.

Your parents should make out their cheques to your Home & School and then in turn, once you have collected all your memberships, you can send us one cheque for the total amount.

Please do not send in individual membership forms.  We ask that you accumulate all your membership forms and fill out the Local Association Membership Listing to send in with your membership fees cheque.

If you have associate members (members whose primary Home & School membership is another school) we ask that you include their names on the Local Association Associate Membership List and send that in as well.  We do not want you to send in your associate members’ fees that you have collected.  That money stays with your H&S.

When you send in your membership fees cheque, please also fill out and send in the Membership Summary Form.


Individual Membership

If you are an individual and not connected to a H&S association but wish to become a member of QFHSA, please fill out the Individual  Membership Application and mail it in with your payment of $18. 

If your organization is interested in QFHSA activities and would like to be included on the mailing lists and receive invitations to attend Fall Conference and AGM, consider becoming an Affiliate Member. There is an annual administration fee of $50.00.


Insurance Request Form

If you are requesting insurance for events please use the Insurance Request Form.


2018-2019 FORMS

  Administration Fee Invoice
  Affiliate Membership Form
  Application to Become a Home and School Association 
  Executive List
  Family Membership Application Form Sample
  Individual Membership Application Form
  Insurance Request Form
  Local Association Membership List
  Local Association ASSOCIATE Membership List
  Local Association Membership Renewal Form
  Membership Summary Form



The Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations (QFHSA) is an independent, incorporated not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the education and general well-being of children and youth.

The Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations promotes the involvement of parents, students, educators and the community at large in the advancement of learning and acts as a voice for parents.