Famous Family Recipes Competition 2016


What it's about

Every family has its favorite foods and recipes, special meals that come once or twice a year. Many parents have family recipes for tomato sauce or ravioli, handed down for generations or maybe it is just Dad’s special four alarm chili. Sometimes the whole family gets together in the preparation; drying, packaging, freezing and storing away the harvest. Sometimes the meal is prepared and eaten right away as celebration of a special event. Cooks jealously guard the exact quantity of “secret ingredients” in their recipes but can sometimes be encouraged to share their “special tricks”.


The Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations

invites the students of Cycle 3 and/or Secondary 1 and 2 classes

to embark on a journey of discovery. Our purpose is to help to preserve these family recipes and to also record the traditions that go along with them. Often it is the tidbits of stories that can be gleaned from the instructions in the recipes that are so interesting. We wish to put the focus on the stories behind the recipes and how they are part of each family’s traditions, be they old traditions or new ones.

Famous Family Recipes

will be an excellent opportunity for teachers to combine the elements of English Language Arts, Nutrition and Culture with that of Family History, and to give their students an opportunity to develop written and oral skills as they explore cultural foods and familial traditions. Participating students will gain knowledge of interesting cultural practices from around the world and even right next door. This essay project can be used as an activity to correspond to Nutrition Week in March 2016.

By researching, asking questions and writing about what they have learned creatively, students will have an opportunity to share their own culture and traditions and discover the diversity that exists around them.

Winners of the competition will be awarded Chapters gift certificates and complimentary copy of essay collection. *

All entrants will receive a “certificate of participation” from the QFHSA.

Winning submissions will be printed in the SUMMER issue of the QFHSA NEWS as a special feature.

*Depending on the number of submissions, a collection of the essays will be published and complimentary copies will be presented to the participating students and school libraries.

Teachers will be asked to choose the top 5 submissions from each class participating and send them to the QFHSA, both in paper and electronic formats. If they are inclined, they may request the students to bring in samples of their recipes for a special potluck luncheon event, or organize cooking demonstrations, giving all the students a chance to experience and taste the variety of foods around them. (Photos should be taken!)

Thank you for your consideration of this project and we look forward to hearing from your students and seeing submissions from your school!

For more information on this essay project, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Carol Meindl
Executive Director, QFHSA
3285 Cavendish Blvd
Suite 560
Montreal, QC H4B 2L9



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