Youth Exploring Science (YES)


The Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations Inc. (QFHSA), in partnership with Heritage Canada, and Livestuff, Inc. offers an exciting opportunity for children to participate in an interactive science activity.  YES consists of a series of workshops that aim at creating interest and developing scientific awareness while having hands on fun.  YES is an extra-curricular activity that take place on Saturday afternoons at participating Community Learning Centers in Quebec.  Classes are broadcast throughout the province via the CLC Educational Video Conferencing Network.

Some of the topics covered in previous YES activities have included:

  • Dino Dig - introduction to paleontology

  • Root Beer - exploring chemical reactions by brewing home made root beer

  • Spa Science - exploring practical applications of chemical science

  • Hydroponics - agriculture without soil

  • DNA extraction - extracting plant DNA

  • Science of Perfume - exploration of chemical processes and the sense of smell

  • Mad about Bats - discovering the true nature of bats

All activities include hands-on components and take home items.


  2017 Registration Form


You can view a video of the YES pilot project below.



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